Owner/ Lead Planner: Crystal Netherland

My love for weddings started at a very young age. My little sister would peddle my little neighborhood boyfriend and I away on our tricycle after she performed our wedding ceremony! But my love for planning and organization stated from the moment I was born!

I love crating the perfect balance of fun and romance! I believe that weddings are a sacred yet celebratory event and incorporate that in every wedding! I love glitter and gold and strongly believing in the mixing sparkle into every event. weather that is through the physical or emotional sparkle of love, life and celebration! 

My ideal wedding or event doesnt have a particular color scheme or style, but is full of love and happiness from all parties involved! However, my dream event would be a wedding at a camp or in a forest! The calming and serene atmosphere that is invoked by being surrounded by nature and the ones you love. Not to mention, it allows for a neutral blank pallet to decorate wherever your inner creative takes you!

My Favorite Wedding Moment: the moment I send the bride down the isle to her groom! Regardless of how much more planning will occur throughout the rest of the day, in that moment, all is right with the world and love! Love ALWAYS wins!

My Life:  I cling to my faith and that allows for me to love life and live life to the fullest potential! I believe that there is always a reason to throw glitter or confetti! I love living life with the ones I love! coming from a family of 6 kids, family dinners were the best of times and the worst of time. today, I honor the tradition of sunday family dinners in my house. no matter what I am doing, as long as the people that I love are around me, I am at peace and having a wonderful time. I love conquering fears. If it scares me, I give it a try. You don't grow, if you don't try to conquer your fears!

Professional Qualifications:  An associate's degree in Business administration and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I was an assistant wedding planner for several years, bridal blogger and wedding invitation designer and calligrapher, I jumped into the wedding planning industry head first and have not looked back!


Photo Credit: Victoria Gloria Photography

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